Rotary Net Weight Filling Machines

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Rotary in line weight filling machines
Rotary in line weight filling machines

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In 1979, the key personnel of what is now WEIGHTPACK, were the first to introduce electronic control of net weight filling to the industry. Since then, we continue to lead the industry with the latest design and technology for our customers. Serving industries ranging from dairy to pharmaceutical, personal care to paint, our machinery is available in a variety of standard pitches (distance between nozzles) and valve numbers – with custom options available depending on your needs. Our rotary models are capable of filling between 20-500 containers per minute, and for slower lines or larger containers, we now offer inline fillers that can process up to 25 containers per minute. Our stainless steel/steel frame equipment features laminar flow nozzles and Clean in Place (CIP) technology, along with anti-corrosion and explosion proof options. Significantly, WEIGHTPACK’s electronic net weight filling ensures that our filling machines keep true weight under each station. Electronic control (PLC), weigh cells, and filler/capper monobloc are all critical components in securing true net weight. (Note that tri-bloc and quadro-bloc designs are also available.) Accuracy can be guaranteed as part of the contract, based on tests conducted on the customer’s product on our laboratory fill test unit.

An international company with headquarters in Italy and the U.S. (greater Richmond, VA area), WEIGHTPACK also provides multi lingual manuals, and comprehensive training for all of our products.

For more information about our custom specialty packaging machines, or our other products and services, please contact WEIGHTPACK.

Highlights of our Rotary Net Weight Filling Machine Capabilities:

  • Classic
  • Tube
  • Hygenic
  • Electronic Control (PLC)
  • Weigh Cells 
  • Filler / Capper Monobloc 
  • Laminar Flow Nozzles 
  • Hopper 
  • Tube 
  • Holding Tank 
  • Infeed Conveyor 
  • Infeed Screw Feeder
  • USDA 3A Dairy Standards 
  • Anti-Corrosion 
  • Explosion Proof 
  • Clean In Place (CIP) 
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL)
Nozzle Designs
  • Electronically Controlled Magnetic
  • Membrane (Laminar Flow)
Machine Sizes
  • Stand Alone 
  • Monobloc 
  • Tri-Bloc 
  • Quadro-Bloc
  • Stainless Steel (316L, 304)
  • Steel Frame (option for all stainless)
  • 141 mm 
  • 188 mm 
  • 282 mm 
  • 4 to 64
Speed Requirement
  • Rotary: 20 to 500 containers per minute
  • Guaranteed based on testing of customer product

Tank Pressure
  • Up to 0.5 Bar

Container Size
  • 1 oz to 10 gallons

Filling Cycle
  • Introduce / Weigh Empty Container 
  • Fill Nozzle Valve Opens 
  • Container Filled by Net Weight 
  • Final Net Weight Confirmed 
  • Cap Applied 
  • Discharge / Reject 
  • Container / Media Specific

Additional Services
  • Training
  • Multi-Lingual Manuals
  • English 
  • Spanish 
  • Italian 
  • Other languages on request
Production Volume
  • Single to Multiple Machines

Typical Lead Time
  • 5-6 Months

Additional Information

Industry Focus
  • Packaging
  • Food & Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Paint
  • Personal Care
  • Household Cleaners
  • Consumer Goods
Industry Standards
  • USDA 3A
  • UL
  • CE

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